Scalar is a beautiful and efficient app for your everyday calculations. It could be as simple as the pocket calculator or almost as powerful as a spreadsheet. Unlike other apps of its kind, Scalar reinvents the way calculations are carried on mobile devices, to help you get your job done.

Scalar gives you an infinite sheet of paper to work with. No matter how much you type, all previous values are always at your fingertips

Every entry is editable. Tap it once to make changes to it; tap Equals key when you're done

If you double tap the calculation sheet, a pop-up will appear, offering options for sharing and working with sheets

Values could be referenced from other parts of your calculation. Drag the black outlet to any place on the sheet and it will link the line in your calculation with the calculated expression

Each line on the sheet could be annotated. Swipe horizontally over that line to enter any text

Hold Delete key to clear the whole calculation sheet. When you simply tap Delete, it works as you would expect it to work, no matter if you're editing or adding new lines

Each sheet could be renamed: simply tap its name here

You can pin values to always keep them in sight. Tapping blue arrow at the pin will highlight pinned expression on the sheet